Pokémon Sun and Moon’s New Global Mission Will Have You Hooked – Literally!

The seventh Global Mission is now live for Pokémon Sun and Moon.

The latest mission – that requires we to, utterly literally, go fishin’ – sets us a plea of collectively hooking during slightest 250,000 equipment by 23.59 UTC on 13 June, 2017.

Participants will secure 200 FC if a idea doesn’t strike a goals, though if we are successful, we mount to get 2,000 FC any – or double that, if we have a Global Link account.

Contribute 3 or some-more equipment yourself and you’ll get a Rare Candy for your troubles, and if we do that and a Global Mission hits a widen idea of 500,000 items, you’ll get a Lure Ball, too.

To join a tellurian mission, conduct to a Festival Plaza in your Pokémon Sun or Pokémon Moon game, enter a castle, and pronounce to a receptionist on a right. She’ll let we join a tellurian idea and pledge that a Pokémon and equipment we locate will count toward this tellurian mission. Then, start fishing for Pokémon and equipment during effervescent fishing spots.

If you’re wondering because there’s a unlikely thesis for this mission, it’s substantially something to do with Magikarp Jump, the new mobile diversion from The Pokémon Company. The giveaway game, out now on iPhone, iPad, and Android devices, does accurately what it says on a tin: a aim of a diversion is to get a Magikarp to “soar as high as possible”.

Menawhile, did we locate (yup, some-more fishing puns for you!) a new news that Niantic was enormous down on Pokemon Go cheaters who use third celebration tracking apps?

And if we wish some-more Pokemon Go check out this hack to squeeze yourself some super singular Pokemon!

– By Vikki Blake @_vixx

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