Pokemon Sun And Moon’s Bizarre-Looking Exeggutor Made Into A …

One of a some-more ridiculous-looking Pokemon introduced in new years is a Alolan chronicle of Exeggutor. The uncanny egg-tree quadruped seemed in a initial games, though a form in Pokemon Sun and Moon is a bit… stretched. However, in annoy of a comical appearance, a long, gangly, palm tree-like Alolan Exeggutor will be sole as a pricey statue in Japan.

If we have a enterprise to have Exeggutor appearing over you, we can squeeze a 3.5-foot high collectible for a cold 29,800 yen, roughly $270. Bandai’s promotional materials uncover a statue radically personification a purpose of an bureau ficus, given it’s so high and tree-like. Check it out below.

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There’s no word nonetheless on if this giraffe-necked beast will ever make a approach to North America, though it’ll be expelled someday subsequent year in Japan. You can check out some-more images over during a product page on Bandai’s website (first found by Kotaku).

In other Pokemon news, a subsequent installments on a 3DS are Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, that launch on Nov 17. They also take place in a Alola region, though they underline several new Pokemon and a new story. You can review about one of a new Pokemon here.

(News around Kotaku)

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