‘Pokemon Sun and Moon’ Weakness Cup process revealed

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Policies for a arriving “Pokemon Sun and Moon” Weakness Cup are now open for Pokemon trainers to see.

The Weakness Cup foe is a conflict among Pokemons with 5 or some-more weaknesses and will use a Single Battle format.


It also means trainers will need to arrange a group of Pokemons and conflict head-to-head opposite other players. Attacks could occur anytime and given monsters with 5 or some-more weaknesses are usually available to use, benefaction genocide could occur to a trainer’s Pokemon.

All Pokemons will be intended adult to 50 in a generation of a match. Qualified trainers who managed to play in during slightest 3 battles will accept giveaway mega stones: Ampharosite, Altarianite, Latiosite, and Latiasite.

Those who wish to join should have a Pokemon Trainer Club membership account, wireless connection, and a “Pokemon Sun” or “Pokemon Moon” diversion with a purebred Game Sync ID in a Pokemon Global Link (PGL).

The Pokemons authorised to be used are those usually within a National Pokedex Nos. 001 to 799 and, as said, should have 5 or some-more weaknesses. Items also authorised for use are usually Weakness Policy and any Berry that reduces a repairs perceived from super effective attacks.

Trainers can register 3 to 6 of their Pokemons as members of their Battle Team.

The players are also automatically given a time extent of 10 mins during a start of any battle. Once a time extent expires, players will automatically remove a game.

At a start of any battle, trainers are given 90 seconds to name 3 Pokemons with that to fight. During conflict turns, 45 seconds are given to name a pierce or change a Pokemon. If a actor fails to make a preference after a 45-second time limit, a diversion will automatically make a selections.


Players can conflict adult to 15 times a day in a generation of a “Weakness Cup.” The series of battles is rested each 00:00 UTC.

There will also be age groups in a competition, that will count on a participant’s age. Those who were innate in 2002 or after will be in a Junior/Senior Division while those who were innate in 2001 or progressing will contest in a Masters Division.

The registration for a “Weakness Cup” will final for 7 days, starting on Jul 20 during 00:00 UTC and finale on Jul 27 during 23:59 UTC. Trainers can sign-up during a registration duration or sign-up once per diversion purebred to their PGL accounts.

The crater will final 3 days, strictly starting on Jul 28, 00:00 UTC and finale on Jul 30 during 23:59 UTC.

Interested participants should note that they are not authorised to use Mythical and certain Legendary Pokemons, mega stones, and other berries solely what is mentioned above.

Players should also be clever to register their age or birth date accurately in their Pokemon Trainer Club account. Once it is found out that a information is inaccurate, it will meant long-lived suspension from benefaction and destiny competitions.

The foe is concordant with “Pokemon Sun” and “Pokemon Moon.” The ranking formula will be announced in Aug 2017, yet it competence be changed progressing or later.

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