Pokémon Sun and Moon Version 1.2 Update Available

Trainers might be tough during work stuffing adult their Pokédex or lifting tough Pokémon though some of those skeleton might be put on pause. A new refurbish is accessible for a Sun and Moon that is compulsory for any online play.

There have been fixes to moves Sky Drop and Spiky Shield along with Scatterbug not being means to learn egg moves. A frightful glitch would means a diversion to finish on singular occasions if certain equipment were final in your bag though has now been fixed. Changes to Friendly Competition were corrected to prevent canceling an entry or a Battle Teams removing unlocked. At some indicate Pokémon eggs could reason equipment though that has also been take caring of. A Poké Pelago feat has been patched when perplexing to change a time.

Once version 1.2 of a diversion has been installed, any saved Battle Videos can't be common or played. Be certain to suffer them now before updating.

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