‘Pokémon Sun and Moon’ Update: Lillie Nendoroid Revealed as Fishing Global Mission Continues

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Fans of Lillie from “Pokémon Sun and Moon” will be happy to know that her correspondence will be featured in one of a arriving Nendoroid total desirous from a games.

NintendoThe promotional images for “Pokémon Sun and Moon”

The Nendoroid figure captures Lillie’s heading snarky look. She also dons her shawl and bag, that customarily houses a Mythical Pokémon Nebby. However, a quadruped is nowhere to be seen in a statue.

There is no word on a cost yet, though fans can squeeze a figurine from Good Smile Company starting Jun 15. The Pokémon Center, a Pokémon Store and a Pokémon Center Online will have it on offer on Jun 17 along with a garland of some-more “Pokémon Sun and Moon” sell including buttons, bags, bath towels and many others.

In associated news, a seventh tellurian idea for “Pokémon Sun and Moon” is now live. For a event, trainers will simply have to fish 500,000 Pokémon or equipment from fishing ports peppered in a Alola region.

Players can do so adult to Jun 12. The ones who successfully finish a idea will be rewarded with 2,000 Festival Coins. The diversion will still prerogative players who do not strech a idea with 200 Festival Coins for their effort. This volume doubles for those who synced their “Pokémon Sun and Moon” to a Pokémon Global Link website.

Nintendo has been consistently expanding “Pokémon Sun and Moon” given a launch by conducting tellurian idea events and adding Mythical Pokémon to a catalog.

The latest to be reliable to arrive in a games is a dual-type fighting and spook Pokémon named Marshadow. However, Nintendo is nonetheless to exhibit how to acquire a slot monster.

While watchful for information about that, “Pokémon Sun and Moon” players can also concentration on removing 4 giveaway Mega Stones for Pidgeot, Heracross, Steelix and Houndoom in a Mystery Gift feature. They can also take advantage of removing a special Lycanroc exclusively from GameStop adult to Jun 5.

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