Pokémon Sun and Moon Mewtwonite formula – how to get a Mewtwo Mega Stones for Mega Mewtwo X and Y

How to get Mega Mewtwo in Sun and Moon and when does a Mega Mewtwo giveaway end?

Mewtwo itself is, unfortunately, unfit to locate in a furious in Pokmon Sun and Moon, however that doesn’t meant it’s unfit to get Mewtwo and a mega evolutions into a diversion itself.

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Need some-more tips? Use a Pokmon Sun and Moon Walkthrough and guide for a categorical story, a competitive training guide for info on IVs, EV training, Hyper Training and bottle top farming, and breeding explained, a choice of a best Pokmon Sun and Moon starter from Rowlet, Litten and Popplio, as good as an in-progress list of where to find Zygarde Cells and Cores and a beam to a Battle Tree and both Battling and Trading in a Festival Plaza. We also have a list of QR codes list, Z Crystal locations, Mega Stone locations, Eevium Z Eevee User locations for Extreme Evoboost, evolutions for Alolan Forms and other new Sun and Moon Pokmon and fast approach to boost a Pokmon’s Happiness, and how to send opposite Ash-Greninja from a Sun and Moon Demo, where to catch a Tapu Guardians, how to catch a Ultra Beasts, and how to download a Munchlax Mystery Gift.

To do so, you’ll need entrance to Pokmon Bank – we explain how to send Pokmon from several generations in a Pokmon Bank guide – along with carrying already held a Mewtwo during some indicate along your travels of course. Then, simply follow a instructions above to download a Mega Stones, give one to Mewtwo to hold, and you’re prepared to go.

Meanwhile, we’ve gathered a finish list of Pokmon Sun and Moon Mega Stone locations in sequence to assistance we out with how and where to find all of them, though above is a discerning list of all a Mega Stones we can get around download formula specifically.

As for when a giveaway ends, there’s no central word on that only yet. The information we perceived and a info that’s adult on a Pokmon site simply states it’s accessible now, so we advise we get on and download a stones earlier rather than after so as not to skip out if a eventuality were to unexpected close!

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