Pokémon Sun and Moon Mewnium Z eventuality giveaway – how to get Mew and the Z Move Genesis Supernova

If you’re a Pokmon Bank member, here’s how to get a fugitive Z Crystal.

Published 19/05/2017

Pokmon Sun and Moon is charity a new giveaway – a Mewnium Z item, a Z Crystal to give Mew a Z Move Genesis Supernova – to applaud a attainment of a latest Pokmon Bank update.

Though it’s a giveaway, we have to be a paid Pokmon Bank subscriber before a eventuality deadline of Oct 2nd, 2017 to obtain it. There’s a few elementary stairs compulsory to get it to your game, as good as some caveats of where to use it.

How to get Mew in Pokmon Sun and Moon

Before we can even use your Mewnium Z, a doubt is – where can we get a Mew from? Unlike a game’s prior freebie, that supposing a Munchlax alongside a Snorlium Z, this giveaway doesn’t come with a analogous Pokemon – generally one of a Mythical kind.

The answer is, if we already don’t have one from prior versions of a game, afterwards we competence not get one any time soon. Last year Mew was given divided for a franchise’s 20th anniversary for X, Y and Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, as good as a really singular giveaway during a Pokmon Sun and Moon launch eventuality for Red, Blue and Yellow Virtual Console users.

If we managed to get your palm on a Mew from possibly of those events, afterwards use Pokmon Bank to send a quadruped across. Otherwise, fingers crossed for another eventuality in a nearby future!

How to get Mewnium Z and Mew Z Move Genesis Supernova in Pokmon Sun and Moon

1) Turn on a Nintendo 3DS, foot adult Pokmon Bank and press Start to bond to a Internet.

2) Next, name ‘Use Pokmon Bank’. You’ll afterwards accept a summary observant as partial of being a valued member, you’ll accept a item.

3) Save and undo from a internet by subsidy out to a menu. Now bucket adult your duplicate of Pokmon Sun or Moon, and start a game.

4) Travel to a Pokmon Centre, and there will be a male in a yellow and blue striped shirt usually to a left of a counter. Talk to him, and you’ll accept a present of a Mewnium Z.

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Things to know about a Mewnium Z giveaway in Pokmon Sun and Moon

  • The Mewnium Z is usually accessible for Pokmon Sun and Moon, definition we won’t be means to download it to X and Y, or Omega Ruby or Alpha Sapphire.
  • If we have mixed editions of Sun and Moon games, we can usually download a singular Mewnium Z, so select your duplicate wisely.
  • The Mewnium Z Z Crystal, that is compulsory for Z Move ‘Genesis Supernova’, is usually accessible for Mew. Our Pokmon Sun and Moon Z Crystal locations explains some-more on how these work and where to find others in a game.
  • Remember, there is a deadline of Oct 2nd, 2017 to download a Mewnium Z to your duplicate of a game, and there are copiousness of other giveaways entrance and going, too, such as a one for Mew’s tighten relation, Mewtwo’s Mega Stones download code.

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