Pokémon Sun and Moon – Mega Stone locations, Key Stone, Mega …

Pokmon Sun and Moon Mega Stones – locations and how and where to find them

As we alluded to above, not all Mega Evolutions and their analogous Mega Stones are accessible in Pokmon Sun and Moon.

We’ve distant these into dual tables below, in light of that: a initial detailing how to get all of a Mega Stones that are now available, and a second observant those that are still to come.

List of Sun and Moon Mega Stone Locations

List of Mega Stones not now accessible in Sun and Moon

As we can see from a table, many of a above Mega Stones and their Mega Evolutions are in fact entrance to Pokmon Sun and Moon soon. The customary method, during this point, seems to be that 3 or 4 will be posted as rewards for holding partial in a monthly online tournament.

They’re generally distributed to participants a month later, and than turn accessible to non-participants a month after that around download code. We’ll keep a above tables crash adult to date as any refurbish trickles out.

Unforuntately however there’s no other approach to get reason of a remaining Mega Stones, as they won’t send from X and Y or Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire to Sun and Moon. That means we’ll need to hang parsimonious for those distributions for now, and holding partial in any month’s foe is your best gamble to removing your hands on them quickly!

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