Pokémon Sun and Moon Meets Parkour in Real Life 【Video …

Pikachu runs and leaps over obstacles as he chases after Team Rocket in this epic Alola Island adventure.

We’ve seen some extraordinary parkour videos in a past, with Mario and Luigi barreling over obstacles in a genuine world, and people holding on a world’s largest parkour course in China, though now it’s time to journey to a opposite environment for another arrangement of parkour prowess, this time in Hawaii, a real-world impulse for a Alola segment from a hugely renouned video games Pokémon Sun and Moon.

While a environment is monumental in a beauty, it’s a movement that goes on in this parkour shave that has Pokémon fans everywhere profitable attention. Starring throng favourite Pikachu, a electric Pokémon can be seen leaping over walls and jumping from rooftops as he chases after Team Rocket on this epic parkour adventure.

Take a demeanour during a video below:

The beautifully shot shave unequivocally creates it demeanour like Pikachu and Team Rocket are racing around Alola Island.

The journey starts when a integrate of members from Team Rocket come opposite a Pokémon egg, fast bagging it adult and hidden it as…

Pikachu arrives on a scene, furrowing his brows in anger, before racing after a duo.

The purpose of Pikachu is ideally played by Calen Chan, who embodies a suggestion and appetite of a electric Pokémon as he end by Alola Island, hurling himself by trees and over rooftops. Chan done one epic event in a video, that they kept in a storyline, and notwithstanding a power of a fall, thankfully Chan was uninjured, usually circuitous himself in a process.

Take a demeanour during a tumble in a behind-the-scenes video below:

Shot by filmmaker Devin Graham, a self-proclaimed Pokémon fan, a video combines action, torment and journey in a fun approach that brings a charcterised universe of Pokémon Sun and Moon to life. We can’t wait to see what Graham and his group get adult to subsequent in their Pokémon-loving adventures!

Source, images: YouTube/devinsupertramp

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