‘Pokemon Sun And Moon’ Guide: How And Where To Harvest Money The Easiest Method By Far! [VIDEO]

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Players can do a lot of things after completing a “Pokemon Sun and Moon” game. Other than players’ stuffing their Pokedex, there is what they call a Legendary query chain. Here, gamers can max out all in Festival Plaza, to get all Zygarde cells and cores, removing all TMs and even shopping all costly backpacks and clothes.

Certainly, players need a ton of income to do this. So, here is a best and easiest approach to collect income in a pronounced game.

First, players should go to Poni Coast located in Poni Island. Then, transparent a Sightseer Double Battle if they haven’t privileged it yet.

Secondly, players should destroy all rocks in a area. Each stone includes a pointless dump rate of several items: Stardust homogeneous to ₽ 1,500 (15%), Starpiece homogeneous to ₽6,000 (6.6%) and Comet Shard homogeneous to ₽30,000 (3.3%).

Thirdly, players should exit a section and re-enter. Then lastly, usually rinse and repeat a steps.

This process doesn’t have any limitations, so “Pokemon Sun and Moon” players can do this as most as they wish to their heart’s content. Other than that, clearing a altogether section by destroying a rocks doesn’t take most of a player’s time.

Players can get no reduction than 100,000-250,000 an hour in normal usually relying to a player’s luck. This would be a easiest process to collect income in “Pokemon Sun and Moon”.

On a side note, according to Gearnuke, there are some alternatives accessible for income creation as well. One of a best income creation process in “Pokemon Sun and Moon” is regulating an talisman coin.

It can double a income that a players accept after fighting a trainer, as prolonged as a hilt is partial in a pronounced battle. It doesn’t usually give players additional income though it can also give XP points to their Pokemon in “Pokemon Sun and Moon”.

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