Pokemon Sun And Moon Gets An Honest Trailer, And It Cuts Pretty Deep

Like clockwork, a group during Smosh Games have managed to tackle a Pokemon authorization nonetheless again with a Honest Game Trailers, with a new one that targets a latest entries in a array for 3DS, Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon. And while it nails down a tropes that we’ve come to design from a games, it is a bit on a heartless side when it picking on their nature.

The trailer partial is flattering most on a brief side, though a residue of it indeed renames a array of a renouned (and not-so-popular) characters, including Sphero, Emo Owl, CW’s The Arrow, Snarf Snarf, and a handful of others.

Regarding a ubiquitous points of a trailer, a anecdotist explains, “In a star where a usually certainty is that all will change, rediscover a array that defies gathering by bravely pumping out a same video diversion with a uninformed cloak of paint, until a contingent feverishness genocide of a universe.”

The island where we revisit comes with copiousness of new Pokemon “to enslave, as good as terrible mutant versions of a classics that will have we throwing them all over again.” And you’ll be “leaving usually drop in your wake, until we turn a undisputed champion, acquire a right to accommodate a gods of a islands, and immediately constraint them too, given you’re a sociopath.”

The trailer also discusses a array of Pokemon tropes that you’ll come opposite again, including “the chillest opposition ever in a series, a sidekick who’s meaningless during fighting, and her mythological Pokepal whose usually energy is not staying in a bag.” He also discusses how a enemies poise some-more than Ginyu Force…and, well, that’s kind of right.

He also talks about how a games have a same storyline that Pokemon has had given a commencement – though also remarkable how no one cares. “Because personification Pokemon for a tract is like examination porn for a impression work.”

You can watch a whole Pokemon Sun and Moon Honest Game Trailer above, but, yeah, some fans might consider it’s digging a small bit. But that’s unequivocally what Smosh Games has finished in a past – remember a Crash Bandicoot Honest Game Trailer?

Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon are accessible now for Nintendo 3DS.

by Robert Workman
| Sep 26, 2017

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