Pokémon Sun and Moon part banned?

The 64th part of a Pokémon Sun and Moon anime is not slated to atmosphere on Disney XD, notwithstanding carrying aired in Japan in a spring.

The episode’s translated pretension is “Satoshi and Nagetukesaru! Touchdown of Friendship!!” according to Bulbapedia, a Pokémon Wiki. Bulbapedia states that a episode’s dismissal was due to concerns over a method in that Ash Ketchum, a forever-ten-year-old protagonist, dresses adult like a Passimian.

pokemon, object and moon
credit: Bulbapedia

Some fans assume a part was criminialized due to Ash’s makeup imitative blackface.

There is no central word on because a part is not scheduled to air. It is illusive that a episodes have merely been reordered instead of this one being canceled altogether, that a array has finished before.

The Pokémon authorization also has a story of conceptualizing creatures that consolidate disastrous stereotypes. The Pokémon Jynx was reworked after criticized for regulating secular stereotypes in a design.

What do we consider about a illusive cancelation of 64th part of PPokémon Sun and Moon?

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