Pokémon Sun and Moon – Battle Tree rewards, strategies, Legends Red and Blue, Battle Points and manners explained

Battle Legends Red and Blue, Battle Tree Special Trainers, and Scouting

There are 3 forms of Trainer you’ll face in a Battle Tree: normal Trainers, Special Trainers, and Battle Legends. In a customary Battles, you’ll face normal trainers until turn 20, where you’ll face one of a dual Battle Legends. From afterwards on, Super Battles are accessible in that Battle Format.

In Super Battles, you’ll face normal Trainers in many battles, though a Special Trainer any tenth battle, and a Battle Legend during a 20th and 50th conflict in your streak.

Each Trainer in a Battle Tree has a set series of intensity Pokmon they can use. The normal Trainers are too countless to count, though a Special Trainers and Battle Legends’ Pokmon we’ll list below. Remember that they select 3 Pokmon for Singles, 4 for Doubles, and dual any for Multis – all of these are selected during pointless from a list of intensity Pokmon we’ve fabricated below.

Battle Tree Special Trainers:

Battle Legends’ Potential Pokmon

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In Multi Battles we can possibly play with a partner around a internet, or an AI partner. AI partners can be Scouted, by selecting that choice after battling them in any format of a Battle Tree. They’ll use a initial dual Pokmon they used opposite we when scouted them in Multi Battles.

Make certain we select a choice to Scout a Trainer after your conflict with them whenever we find them a wily competition to conflict – or if we mark Pokmon on their group that we know will element yours good in a Multi Battles. Once we pierce onto a subsequent trainer, we won’t be means to Scout them until they’re encountered again!

Note that all normal and Special Trainers can be scouted – though a Battle Legends Red and Blue cannot.

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