‘Pokémon Sun and Moon’ Anime Episode Banned?

Over a years, one of a some-more engaging aspects of a Pokémon anime has been a localization of a Japanese-language series. Cultural differences and even health hazards have lead to a censorship or banning specific episodes in a past, and another one is reportedly being combined to a list.

The 64th part of a Pokémon Sun and Moon anime, that front on Disney XD, is being skipped in a central report for vague reasons. The episode, that aired in Japan in a spring, facilities array protagonist Ash sauce adult as a Fighting-type Passimian, that some fans consider might be a reason a part won’t atmosphere in a West. According to Pokémon wiki Bulbapedia, a Passimian part of a anime was not localized since Ash wears dim face paint imitative blackface.

pokemon object moon anime charcoal passimian blackface Ash dresses adult as a Passimian in a ‘Pokémon Sun and Moon’ anime Screenshot: Bulbapedia

Joe Merrick, webmaster of a online Pokémon village Serebii, points out that while it’s rarely probable a part has been banned, there’s a possibility it’s being aired out of order, as was a box for for a Skrelp part and a Pikachu film part from past series.

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GameFreak and The Pokémon Company redesigned a Pokémon Jynx after it was criticized as a depiction of disastrous secular stereotypes, that led to a anathema of a “Holiday Hi-Jynx” part in America after it was primarily aired.

Other examples, like a barbarous Porygon part from a initial Pokémon series, that caused seizures in Japanese children, never done it stateside. The Safari Zone episode, where Ash has a gun stranded in his face, was also criminialized in America (many kids flourishing adult in a 90s were confused when Ash unexpected had 20 Tauros).  

The Pokémon Company has nonetheless to make an central matter about a episode. Newsweek reached out to The Pokémon Company, that a deputy pronounced there was no serve information or criticism to provide. We will refurbish if some-more information is provided.

What do we consider of a reported criminialized Pokémon episode? Let us know in a comments territory below.

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