Pokemon Stars entrance to 3DS and Switch, continues Sun & Moon story, no new Pokemon or mega evolutions – rumour

Pokemon Stars is a latest probably-bollocks story to cranky a news desk.


It’s E3 Season and we know what that means: rumours raining down on all sides. We adore ’em; they make life interesting.

The latest in a prolonged fibre of potential comprehensive nonsense from randos on a Internet to land in front of us seems to have been desirous by a proclamation of this week’s Pokemon-themed Nintendo Direct. It would be usually like Nintendo to separate out a smoke-stack of large news before E3 2017 – hell, they’re all doing it this year – and so we’re not statute out a probability of an critical announce.

According to a supposed translator on 4Chan, duplicate pasted to NeoGAF by doop_, that’s accurately what’s coming: Nintendo is going to announce a new diversion “which we know as codename ‘Pokemon Stars’”.

As good as providing judgment art and an off-screen picture allegedly display a grown-up Gladion, a leaker claims that Pokemon Stars is a plot-heavy diversion with even some-more cutscenes than Pokemon Sun Moon.

Continuing a story from Pokemon Sun Moon, Pokemon Stars is apparently set wholly in Alola a few years after a events of a progressing game, and will dive deeper into mysteries from it, such as “about how Mohn mislaid his memories, and how Necrozma fell into a world”. It sounds kind of identical to how Pokemon Black White 2 continued on from their prequels.

There will be usually one chronicle of Pokemon Stars, as against to a twin releases we’re used to with Pokemon games, though it will be expelled for both 3DS and Switch, and a dual builds can “communicate” – either that means cross-play, cross-save or what is not clear.

Gameplay wise, Pokemon Stars gets absolved of trials, and adds no new Pokemon or mega evolutions. It does supplement some-more disdainful Z-moves and a new form for Necrozma.


Well, even if that is all bollocks it’s positively unequivocally interesting. Pokemon is roving unequivocally high on a behind of Pokemon Go, so it creates clarity for Nintendo to keep a movement going and give a new hardware a bit of a boost while a during it – and copiousness of Pokemon fans have voiced seductiveness in a new big-screen game.

Pour a common salt on this one – during this time of year all sorts of uncanny fancies do a rounds, and a whole Pokemon Sun Moon pier for Switch thing seems some-more convincing – though bear in mind that judgment art and identical info dumps have leaked forward of Pokemon announces in a past.

Tune in to a Pokemon Nintendo Direct and keep your fingers crossed that whatever is announced is during slightest as good as a gossip – and not usually a large Pokemon Go eventuality or whatever,

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