Pokemon: Let’s Go Isn’t a Game You’re Expecting, Here’s Why

If you’re looking brazen to Pokemon: Let’s Go as a full-blown, mainline Pokemon RPG like Sun or Moon, afterwards you’re going to wish to re-assess your expectations. We got a hands on Let’s Go, Pikachu! at E3, and we desired a time with it.

After walking divided from my wander by a Viridian Forest, though, there were a few things that we suspicion we should share with we guys loyal away.

You will not be battling Pokemon we find in a wild.

This is not new information, though many Pokemon fans still aren’t wakeful that we won’t be fighting a Pokemon we find erratic in a wild. The scrutiny segments play out some-more like a Pokemon Go adventures we have with your friends. When we run into a furious Pokemon, your usually design is to constraint it. You won’t even need to wear down a health before tossing your Poke Ball.

The usually battling you’ll be doing is with other trainers we accommodate or during your journey. Here we can design smashing effects, tutor introductions, and shining conflict animations. we felt like a battles did indeed give me my initial glance into what a mainline Pokemon diversion on Nintendo Switch could be like, and it felt really, unequivocally good.

You’ll wish a Poke Ball Plus.

I don’t “do” appendage accessories, though I’ll be shopping a Poke Ball Plus. It was small, sturdy, and indeed offering a poignant covering of soak to a altogether experience. When encountering pointless Pokemon, you’ll have to use suit controls to toss out a Poke Ball. Certainly, you’re some-more than acquire to do this with a Joy-Con controllers, though indeed holding and “throwing” a Poke Ball feels so most better.


While a Pokemon struggles to mangle giveaway of a Poke Ball, you’ll feel pointed rumble feedback in a Poke Ball Plus controller, and you’ll even hear that it emits sound effects while your slot beast tries to escape. Of course, you’ll also hear that iconic *click!* on each successful capture.

This is a overpass between mobile and mainline.

While this might not be a mainline RPG you’ve been craving, this is no small novelty. It became really transparent to me that Pokemon: Let’s Go was always meant to be seen as a ideal messenger diversion to Pokemon Go, and clamp versa. These games are best played together, and together they from a incomparable knowledge larger than a sum of a parts.

By personification both games, and gripping Pokemon we constraint stored in your Poke Ball Plus via a day, you’ll acquire poignant bonuses.

Be curious; be playful.


If you’re a outrageous Pokemon fan, I’m assured that Let’s Go, Eevee and Let’s Go, Pikachu will offer a singular and gratifying adventure. This will positively move some-more players, and over players, into a Pokemon Go fold, and will give console gamers their initial loyal ambience of what a mainline Pokemon diversion could be on a Switch.

While it might not be a diversion you’ve been forgetful of (we’ll get that subsequent year), it will commission we to do something you’ve been failing to do given we were a child: To reason and chuck a genuine freaking Poke Ball, constraint darling Pokemon, and lift them with we everywhere we go. As prolonged as we keep an open mind, we consider you’ll be really agreeably surprised.

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