Pokemon Home: Everything we know so distant about a arriving Pokemon storage app

Pokemon Home is a cloud-based Pokemon storage app suggested by Game Freak during 2019’s Pokemon press conference. The program allows trainers to send their hard-caught Pokemon from their Switch, 3DS, or mobile device and trade with other trainers locally and online around a world.

With Pokemon Sword and Shield releasing this Friday, you’re certain to supplement a ton of new Pokemon to your Pokedex that you’d rather not remove when a subsequent diversion in a array fundamentally releases. Pokemon Home is an expansion of a stream storage system, Pokemon Bank, that allows we to store Pokemon from a 3DS games, a mobile Pokemon Go, and a new Switch games. Here’s all we know so distant about Pokemon Home, including a recover date, where it can be downloaded, what games are compatible, and some-more as information is revealed.

How it’ll work 

(Image credit: Nintendo)

Similar in speculation to Pokemon Bank, that usually accepts Pokemon from 3DS games, Pokemon Home is a storage app for your Pokemon that lets we save Pokemon from Let’s Go: Eevee and Let’s Go: Pikachu, Pokemon Sword and Shield, Pokemon Go, and Pokemon Bank. It also differs from Pokemon Bank in that we can trade and correlate with other players by both internal and online connections.

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