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For a truly dedicated Pokémon trainer, there’s a really disdainful present watchful for we in Pokémon Home. Any actor that manages to upload all 890 Pokémon and finish a National Dex will get a present Pokémon to uncover off their standing — an disdainful Magearna!

The present Magearna is a singular skin for a fabulous Pokémon, relating it’s ‘original’ demeanour from Pokémon a Movie: Volcanion The Mechanical Marvel. The Magearna is an ancient Pokémon sporting a strange colors, before hundreds of years of decay done a ‘mon most some-more monochrome. It’s a really special reward, and one that will usually work (currently) in Pokémon Sun Moon / Ultra Sun Ultra Moon.

Learn some-more about this present with a full beam below. If you’re looking for your possess Magearna Mythic Pokémon, we can still grab one in Pokémon Sun Moon / Ultra Sun Ultra Moon with this QR Code.

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Truly dedicated Pokémon trainers have confirmed that The Pokémon Company is promulgation Gift Pokémon to players with a finish National Pokedex. The present Pokémon is a colourful red-and-gold Magearna fabulous Pokémon that was initial introduced in Pokémon Sun Moon. The colorful red / bullion form was leaked approach behind in 2016, and it’s usually finally turn accessible now.

Normally, this Steel / Fairy form Pokémon is a robotic grey. Hundreds of years ago, this automatic marvel was shown to possess a most brighter palette of colors.

Magearna’s story is all in Pokemon a Movie: Volcanion The Mechanical Marvel. The fabulous Pokemon isn’t accessible in Pokemon Sword Shield (yet) though can be eliminated and played in Pokemon Sun Moon or Pokemon Ultra Sun Ultra Moon.

It’s a estimable standing pitch for anyone that manages to transfer all 890 Pokemon. Some players weren’t certain if we indispensable all a Mythical Pokemon, though it seems like that count — or during slightest everybody peaceful to find all 890 also managed to squeeze a limited-time Mythic Pokemon too.

If you’ve managed to collect them all, only wait 30~ or so mins for a present to get sent out. Alternate forms of Pokemon like hat-wearing Pikachu or Gigantamax Forms aren’t compulsory to finish a Pokedex. Good to know if you’re aiming for a finish set.

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