Pokémon GO’s Water Festival Returns Today With Stardust Bonuses …

Pokemon GO

We’re starting to get a clarity of a annual rhythms of Pokémon GO, and now, it would seem that it’s now time for a Water Festival, entrance so fast on a heels of Adventure Week. Developer Niantic Labs only announced that a Water Festival will start today, Jun 7, during 1:00 p.m. Pacific, and it’s entrance with a good small apartment of bonuses. Here’s what we’re getting:

Stardust bonus: Stardust will always be one of a many profitable currencies in Pokémon GO, and so trainers will wish to take sold notice of this one. We’ll be removing 3 times a Stardust for all catches of Water-type Pokémon, that should meant a lot of Stardust deliberation a subsequent bullet indicate here. In addition, we’re removing 2 times a Stardust for all egg hatches.

Increased Water-type Pokémon Spawns:  Like with many singular time events, a Water Festival will be changing adult a map with increasing spawns from Water-type Pokémon. That’s particularly handy since it will boost a Stardust you’ll be earning, though it’s also flattering accessible if we don’t nonetheless have a profitable quadruped like a Feraligatr or a Swampert. we suppose I’ll take a opportunity to grub towards a Wailord, that I’m still missing.

Special 2-kilometer eggs: 2-kilometer eggs will now induce creatures like Totodile, Mudkip and Corphish, and a denunciation leaves room for some-more in there, as well. This should sell some incubators, quite when total with a Stardust bonuses.

Kyogre: Kyogre will be out returning to raid battles, that is good since a Water-type leviathan is one of a trickiest creatures out there and it done a entrance during a quite heartless winter.

Shiny Shellder: Just what it sounds like: Niantic is vouchsafing glossy Shellder loose, that also means glossy Cloyster. The glossy register of in-game creatures keeps growing, so a quite committed gourmet has a lot options for going crazy throwing them all.

Field Research: Special Field Research is a good new apparatus in Niantic’s arsenal, and changing a missions adult to simulate events does a prolonged approach toward formulating a sold ambiance. Expect some-more tasks focused on Water-type Pokémon.

I’ll be out severe Kyogre, that’s for sure: we missed a whale thing a initial and second times around, and we conclude a possibility to make adult for that. But to be honest, we competence not be personification all that most Pokémon GO on my walks: I’ve turn meddlesome in Jurassic Park World Alive recently, a Pokémon GO-style diversion that manages to make some critical improvements, even if it lacks a sorcery that creates GO tick.

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