Pokémon GO’s Upcoming GO Fest Mythic Celebi Research Quest Has Leaked Early


It was unavoidable that in a arise of Mew’s release, that Gen 2’s Celebi was substantially going to be next. And now it seems like a mythic Pokémon will make a entrance during Pokémon GO Fest in Chicago, a year’s biggest live eventuality for a game.

While we don’t know all a sum of a query yet, we do know flattering most a entirety of Professor Willow’s discourse as he tries to hunt down Celebi with your help. It’s probable this competence couple both in-person achievements during GO Fest with wider mandate around a world, though we have to suppose that everybody will have entrance to Celebi shortly enough. Much of a dialog does seem to advise a lot of this is ostensible to occur over a march of one weekend in one internal area, privately during GO Fest. It competence be a box where GO Fest attendees get entrance to Celebi first, and afterwards a query opens adult to a wider world. You’ll see what we meant when we review a scripts.

The trickle comes pleasantness of dataminer Chrales, who has extracted all a query steps’ discourse that we can review below, put together in some-more awake form around Pokemongohub. There are some guesses during query stairs that embody throwing Unown and Plusule and Minun. Check out Willow’s discourse for yourself below:

Professor Willow

Part 1: Elite Research Team

Trainer! Thank integrity we finished it. we was prepared for a fun-filled day of personification with Pokémon, though as we competence have seen, a park has all sorts of surprising geological phenomena occurring! We need to figure out what’s function and set it right, so I’m seeking for your help. Now that you’re here, we need we to be partial of my Elite Research team. First things first— could we assistance consult a park and get some supplies? Please finish a following investigate tasks.

Part 2: Park Problems

Yowzers! As we competence have noticed, a park has all sorts of surprising geological phenomena going on today! I’m not certain what could have caused it—they usually seemed out of nowhere…and they seem to be removing bigger and bigger! Whatever is causing it, a internal park medium here is utterly disrupted by all a changes. The internal Pokémon have turn confused… It looks like they’re behaving some-more assertive and territorial! Let’s see if we can assistance out by throwing some Pokémon to make a conditions a bit some-more stable. Please locate 20 Fire-, Steel-, Water-, Grass-, Rock-, or Ice-type Pokémon!

Part 3: Unown

Well, it looks like there were some flattering absolute Pokémon causing a ruckus. Thanks for holding caring of them! I’m certain they’ll make good friends. However, I’m not certain that was sufficient—the bizarre habitats are usually as active as before. The internal park and all a Pokémon here seem worried. We need to get to a bottom of this! I’ve been saying some surprising Pokémon called Unown floating around a area…

This Pokémon is finished like ancient writing…and we consider they competence be perplexing to tell us something! we consider they wish us to call on a absolute Pokémon—the Guardian of a Forest? I’ll gamble if we follow a Unown around a park, they’ll lead us to this Pokémon!  Let’s do a following investigate tasks.

Part 4: Plusle and Minun

Amazing! Never suspicion we would see Celebi here. we consider Celebi’s time transport abilities competence be accurately what we need to repair a situation. Celebi can go behind in time and stop these distortions while they’re still small! It’s a formidable task… We need to safeguard Celebi has all a support it needs!

The Plusle and Minun in a park would be ideal to assistance us out. These Pokémon are famous for amatory teamwork and entertaining on their partners with their pom-poms finished of sparks! If we collect a bunch, we consider they’ll be means to work together to get Celebi unequivocally pumped up! Then Celebi can concentration a energy to lapse to a past and forestall this problem before it starts! Quickly, Trainer, let’s finish these investigate tasks!

Part 5: Celebi’s Cure

That did it! It seems like a bizarre habitats are solemnly returning to normal. It appears that Celebi has safely returned from a past to stay with you. Looks like we dual have shaped a bond! I’ll gamble by subsequent weekend a park will have returned to a aged self! Celebi is truly a different Pokémon! Thanks for all your assistance today! We couldn’t have finished it though you. This weekend will be one to remember!

So yeah, as we can see, this query clearly seems like it was designed for internal players during GO Fest specifically, judging by this dialogue. Again, we have to suppose that Niantic will open adult a query to all players if not immediately, afterwards shortly thereafter, lest they run into “pay to win” accusations by usually giving Celebi to attendees. It would be arrange of uncanny to have all this same discourse with a non-GO Fest quest, given how specific it is, though maybe it will change.

I do consider it’s a flattering cold thought to make GO Fest into a Celebi hunt, as that gives players something to pursue. we am anticipating it can equivocate a problems that tormented final year’s eventuality though also a new Dortmund Safari Zone, as zero would be worse than perplexing to hunt down Celebi with a diversion not working.

We’ll see how this develops, though if you’re streamer to GO Fest, we competence be in for utterly a treat.

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