Pokémon GO’s Raid Nerf Hurts, But Only Because Rewards Have Been Broken From The Start


Pokemon GO

This past week, players logging into Pokémon GO have found that a gravy sight is over when it comes to raids. Previously, raids would consistently offer what were unquestionably a best rewards in a game, golden razzberries, TMs and singular candy, along with a possibility to locate a raid trainer during a end.

Now? Almost all tiers of raids in Pokémon GO have been nerfed.  Not as in, it’s easier to kick a boss, yet a rewards have been nerfed. You can now get by even upper-level raids and finish adult with zero yet revives and potions as a reward, with those desired equipment nowhere to be found when previously, they were a guarantee.

Those who have been following my essay for a while will know that I’ve been priesthood that raids have been stupidly damaged and overly rewarding from a start. You can't deliver an activity that gives we 3 of a many profitable equipment in a game, a bucket of XP and a possibility to locate a Pokémon that would have taken weeks or months to acquire differently (or that is unfit to acquire anywhere else, in a box of legendaries).

But that was not a call to nerf raid rewards. At slightest not to this violent of a degree, replacing all with…potions? we mean, come on. While raids had their issues, this is holding a sledgehammer where a scalpel would have finished improved work, and unequivocally during this point, a resolution was not to nerf raid rewards, yet to clean all else to make swap activities some-more valuable. Once you’ve introduced raids as this ultra-rewarding activity, we can’t unequivocally go behind on that dual months after since unexpected we satisfied we were violation your diversion economy, as that’s usually a recipe to get everybody mad, that is accurately what we’re saying now.

Rather, a resolution to this should have been bolstering a activities in a diversion that were lacking. TMs should be means to be singular drops from PokeStops or streaks like we now see with expansion items. Catching a furious Pokémon should have a remote possibility to get we a singular candy or two. Golden Razzberries should be combined to a PokeStop pool alongside a other 3 types. This approach raids wouldn’t be a only approach to get these items, putting them on a craft leagues over anything else in a game.


Pokémon GO

Sure, we could determine that some nerfing of raids competence be a good thing. we consider giving out 10 singular candy per mythological kill is honestly nuts, for instance. But to hamstring things to this grade was overkill. Yes, we determine that raids totally screwed adult a diversion economy, yet it’s too late to try and retreat march this dramatically. If raids had launched with fewer rewards that were also widespread out via a rest of a game, a categorical pull would have simply been a fact that we could get X absolute Pokémon during a end. But instead they incited into TM and singular candy farms, that pennyless a rest of a game. But we can’t usually take an mattock to a concept, generally when you’ve been offered prerogative raid passes this whole time with a prerogative pool being what it’s been.

The other side outcome of this is that reduction raids are being finished than ever before since of a change, that means it’s harder for anyone to finish many of a top tiers. Previously, we competence during slightest see some people during Tier 2-4 raids to plantation for profitable items, yet now with prerogative raid passes not producing anywhere nearby a same lapse on investment, there will be reduction people doing those raids than ever, creation them harder to finish for those adhering around. Even Legendary raids competence see a pointy decrease in appearance since once we have a integrate birds, you’re unequivocally usually stability to uncover adult for a rewards. And if those are distant from a certain thing, afterwards since bother? I’m reading that many people consider this nerf is so serious they’re indeed usually sitting around doing zero until Niantic reverts a change.

Will that happen? It might. Niantic has gotten Pokémon GO to make loads of income again this summer essentially on a behind of prerogative raid passes. If sales of those decrease neatly since of a nerf, we can gamble they’re going to rethink this strategy.

Again, we consider there are other alternatives here. Make raids some-more rewarding, sure, yet also start offered equipment that are some-more appealing so you’re not entirely reliant on raid passes. Cut all incubator stretch in half, permanently, to make people buy those some-more for faster formula (5 km to travel my Chansey? No thanks). Make scent and lures some-more potent, attracting some-more singular Pokémon some-more often. Just since raid passes were too valuable, that doesn’t meant we can’t make other equipment and activities some-more inestimable to keep up.

This is a misfortune of all probable worlds right now though. The raid economy wrecked a diversion for dual months, now a nerf has done roughly no one wish to play them at all. There’s a middleground here, yet Niantic seems unfortunate not to find it for reasons we can’t explain.

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