Pokémon Go’s new mythological Raid stars gen 3’s Regice

Although overshadowed by this week’s trading underline update, a new mythological Pokémon has arrived in Pokémon Go. The ice-type Regice, one of a some-more formidable Pokémon to obtain in a mainline games, will take partial in Raid battles from now by Jul 19.

Niantic has nonetheless to rigourously exhibit Regice’s introduction, nonetheless push notifications and a livestream teardown endorse that a Pokémon is entrance during some indicate today. It’s a latest and one of a final third-generation legendaries to join Pokémon Go, with a companions — Registeel and Regirock — still to be discovered.

But a proclamation of Regice has so distant been met with a tepid, even unhappy response. For starters, creation it disdainful to Raid battles feels like a harm to a singular approach in that it was creatively found. In Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire, a usually approach to locate Regice is to finish a multi-step puzzle, with a final charge requiring players to interpret a thoroughfare in Braille. It’s an inspired, if convoluted, approach to find a mythological Pokémon.

The closest approach to interpret that into Pokémon Go would be by Field Research, a comparatively new underline built around a query system. After finishing a certain series of quests over a set duration of time, players are means to accept a mythological Pokémon Mew. That’s a usually approach to get Mew for now, and doing so is a attainment allied to fast a weeklong mission.

Well-suited that might have been for Regice, though Niantic chose to go a opposite direction. Worse: Competitive players have already analyzed Regice’s expected stats, that advise it’s not most of a battle-ready Pokémon. High invulnerability and low offense meant Regice is some-more of a brave tank, not a titan.

The wish is that Niantic cycles in other mythological Pokémon, including Regirock and Registeel, via Regice’s monthlong tenure. Doing so will pierce us that most closer to finishing a Hoenn region’s Pokédex, so that we can pierce onto era four.

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