Pokemon Go’s Halloween Event Has a Pokemon Sun and Moon Easter Egg

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Pokemon Go‘s arriving Halloween Event has a flattering cold anxiety to some of a Pokemon franchise’s many new games.

Earlier this weekend, dataminers unclosed justification in a new refurbish that Pokemon Go was about to supplement some new “Gen 3” Pokemon initial seen in Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire. While a lot of concentration was on a new Pokemon, a lot of fans missed an Easter egg dark in a event’s loading screen.

The loading shade (seen below) shows a organisation of Ghost and Dark-Type Pokemon station on tip of a mountain as a Pokemon Go player clearly ignores them since a tutor is on their phone. The tutor appears to be wearing a shawl designed after Mimikyu, a Ghost-Type Pokemon that didn’t seem in games until Pokemon Sun and Moon‘s recover final year.

If we had to take a guess, we’d gamble that Pokemon Go players can wear a Mimikyu shawl as an in-game accessory, identical to a Magikarp shawl or “Adventure cap” from prior events.

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