Pokémon Go’s developers keep anticipating new ways to retaliate cheaters

Niantic has fought behind opposite Pokémon Go cheaters in a accumulation of ways. From undisguised banning them to regulating some-more interesting methods, like usually permitting them to locate the misfortune pokémon. Basically, a association has 0 toleration for players who use partner apps that assistance lane pokémon or pretence a game. Today, a developer stretched a punishments with another unusual measure: players who use third-party services that “circumvent normal gameplay” will be marked.

In a statement on TheSilphRoad subreddit, Niantic describes this ashamed badge as a “slash” in their inventory; once marked, a player’s diversion “may not act as expected.” Exactly what that means is unclear. When contacted by The Verge, Niantic declined to elaborate, though instead forked behind to a statement.

This village of Pokémon Go players during TheSilphRoad have started pity cinema of a purported mark.

Since a game’s launch final year, some players have used third-party apps for mapping, GPS spoofing, or botting, all of that give players a leg-up in their hunting. In a statement, Niantic calls a pierce partial of a loyalty to “staying loyal on a joining to ensuring that Pokémon Go continues to be a fun and satisfactory knowledge for all Trainers … This is one tiny partial of a continued joining to progressing a firmness of a village and delivering an extraordinary Pokémon Go experience.”

The symbol itself might offer as a degrading technique some-more than anything, though we’d theory a bizarre function Niantic ominously warned about might embody other tricks to hurt a cheater’s good time.

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