‘Pokémon GO’ Will Rotate Raid Bosses, And Here’s Who Should Arrive Next


Pokemon GO

I am peaceful to call Pokémon GO’s raids a rousing success, given a fact that we usually walked down a travel and fought a tier 4 Rhydon with 5 other pointless people, that we would not have dreamed in a million years would occur a full year after launch.

Raids are unequivocally a many enchanting activity Pokémon GO has seen to date, and Niantic will demeanour to build on their success as time goes on. One approach they’re going to do that is to start rotating by raid bosses, nonetheless how mostly they’ll do this stays unclear. I’m also not certain if it will be a full rotation, where Pokémon will be totally subbed out, or if they’ll usually chuck some-more in a pool. My theory is a former, given that anticipating a specific raid trainer would get approach too tough if there are unexpected dozens to select from.

The apparent doubt is that Pokémon will step adult to a image and be a subsequent raid bosses in a game. While there are ~240 Pokémon in a game, not all of them will be raid trainer material, so we suspicion I’d go by and collect out a ones we consider we competence see rotated in. Please note that Niantic hasn’t reliable any of this nonetheless and these are usually my personal choices, nonetheless we will contend on their support page they are already display Ninetails and Dragonite as raid bosses, so those dual are unequivocally on a way.

Here we go:


Pokemon GO

Tier 1

Wartortle, Charmeleon, Ivysaur – This usually creates clarity given that a mid-tier Gen 2 starters are bosses already, and this would be a good approach to get high IV Gen 1 starters with a lot of reward candy toward full evolutions.

Wigglytuff/Clefable/Togetic – Why angel types? They’re good and accessible and seem primed to be put in Tier 1 as not-so-scary bosses. For many they’re also flattering rare, so throwing these evolutions would be profitable for some.

Dratini – Replacing Magikarp is a low-level Pokémon we eventually wish into a savage would be Dratini, that would be even some-more valuable, in my estimation, given that Dragonites cost 100 candy, not 400, and Dratini are many some-more singular in a wild.


Pokemon GO

Tier 2

Jynx – Joining Magmar and Electabuzz would have to be Jynx, a usually one of that contingent not nonetheless featured. She’s one of a goofiest Pokémon in existence, though do not blink her. She hits tough and can tarry a good prolonged while.

Arbok – Makes clarity to me to put another poison form here in a capillary of Weezing and Muk. Arboks also demeanour cold as hell.

Vileplume/Victreebel/Jumpluff – These would be a sub-in for Exegguctor, though arguably some-more profitable given that they’re all theatre 3 evolutions. I’d put Bellossom in there, though no approach they let we locate her though a Sun Stone expansion during this tier.

Hitmonlee/Hitmonchan/Hitmontop – There are no fighting forms in this tier right now, though these 3 seem like they would make for flattering good bosses during this turn (also we unequivocally need a Hitmontop)


Pokemon GO

Tier 3

Espeon/Umbreon – The other Eevee evolutions are in this tier right now, so it creates clarity to supplement a Gen 2 ones to a mix. Would be good to locate aloft IV ones if a Sakura/Tamao ones we developed manually weren’t so hot.

Ninetails/Houndoom – Either of these would make for a good glow deputy for Arcanine.

Golem – My collect to reinstate Machamp on a list. Golem is a unequivocally underrated Pokémon who does good in a lot of these raids fights, from my experience. Would be good to obstacle a high IV one.

Donphan/Ursaring – Alright maybe stat-wise they’re not a many terrifying, though these dual were designed to be raid bosses if I’ve ever seen one.

Polywrath/Nidoking/Nidoqueen – These 3 are arrange of pointless picks, though they’re theatre 3 evolutions and they seem like during some point, they’d unequivocally be anointed raid bosses. If so, my theory is they uncover adult in this tier.


Pokémon GO

Tier 4

Typhlosion/Feraligatr/Meganium – Replacing a Tier 4 starters from revolution one would naturally be a Gen 2 starter final forms. Extremely profitable to catch, given that it’s really doubtful that many people have developed them already, as there has been no Gen 2 starter even like we saw with Gen 2

Blissey – we know, we know, though come on, this would be a plea to finish all challenges. A 25K CP Blissey? The ultimate teamwork exercise, and a good gym defender if we can locate one. She’d be a new Snorlax in this slot.

Miltank – Another savage that would be tough to take down, and a flattering singular find in a stream state of a game.

Scizor/Steelix – No approach parallels among a stream bosses, though we consider these dual would feel right during home during this tier, and would be additional profitable given that they routinely need an expansion object to acquire.

Gyarados – we roughly forgot him, though there’s no approach that if Gyarados becomes a raid boss, that he’s not going to be Tier 4. Get your Jolteons ready.

Dragonite – we mean, this was always unavoidable and has already been confirmed. The new Tyranitar.

That’s all I’ve got for now. Who are your picks that we competence be missing?

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