Pokemon GO Will Raise Level Cap, Add Gen 4 Pokemon

Niantic is notoriously sly about a destiny skeleton for Pokemon GO, mostly withdrawal it to fans to learn when changes are being finished by efforts like datamining. However, a fan that goes by a Twitter hoop PokemonDoctorYT managed to pronounce with Niantic CEO John Hanke on a flight, and came divided with some pivotal sum about what a destiny binds for Pokemon GO.

The conversation, as epitomised by prominent Pokemon GO content creator Reversal, suggested that Niantic will in fact be raising Pokemon GO‘s turn top during some point. With a introduction of a new Field Research system, players have some-more ways to acquire XP in a diversion than ever before, so this could be a approach for those who have already strike a turn top to still suffer a XP rewards tied to a quests.

Hanke also reportedly pronounced that both era 4 Pokemon and Player Versus Player battles are in a works for Pokemon GO as well. This should come as no surprise, as one has to suppose each era of Pokemon will eventually make their approach to a renouned mobile diversion during some point. PvP battles, meanwhile, have been announced for Pokemon GO given before a launch, though it’s calming to know that Niantic is still actively operative on a feature.

The review between PokemonDoctorYT and Hanke also yielded some other engaging information about Pokemon GO‘s future. Apparently something is being finished to a game’s map to make it “more raid friendly,” and new equipment are being worked on as well. Furthermore, players will once again be means to ask PokeStops during some point, and there are skeleton for a second Pokemon GO Fest event. Here’s anticipating a second eventuality is means to equivocate a controversies and lawsuits that have tormented a initial one.

Hanke also reliable to PokemonDoctorYT that there will be some-more actions taken opposite spoofers. Niantic has already shown a eagerness to take on spoofers, recently banning many of them from a game.

Some might be doubt a effect of this information, though it seems doubtful that Reversal would post these sum if he believed them to be false. Plus, we have detailed and video justification from PokemonDoctorYT himself that proves he sat subsequent to Niantic CEO John Hanke on a new flight, so there unequivocally is no reason to doubt this information during this time.

Pokemon GO is accessible now for iOS and Android mobile devices.

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