Pokemon Go vs Magikarp Jump: Does Niantic have anything to worry about?

Pokemon Go got a new opposition this week, as Magikarp Jump done a entrance on iOS and Android devices.

The latest recover from a Pokemon Company is a weird new diversion in that players locate Magikarp and sight them to burst a highest.

Here’s how a Pokemon Company describes it: “What is this universe entrance to?! It’s a Pokemon diversion all about a weakest Pokemon ever – Magikarp! Anyone can play this elementary diversion in their gangling time to emanate a many stately Magikarp ever in this central Pokemon app!”

Magikarp Jump players contingency initial locate a Pokemon, before drumming a shade to feed it food and afterwards completing training routines to boost a power.

It even facilities appearances from Pikachu and Piplup.

But it doesn’t demeanour like Niantic has too most to worry about, since a Magikarp Jump reviews have been intensely mixed.

Describing it as a “worst Pokemon diversion I’ve ever played”, a Forbes reviewer clearly wasn’t impressed: “Maybe, if during any indicate during this vapid knowledge we had some group -either in a jumping contests, or a ability to evasion predators’ attacks, etc. – maybe we would worry starting another Magikarp and personification more. But life’s too short, and this, like so many other mobile games, is only not value my time.

“This might be a good approach to deliver new players to Pokémon, or a good diversion for people who wish a mostly pacifist gaming experience, though it’s not for me.

“I’ll hang to a 3DS titles, appreciate we really much.”

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