Pokemon Go Update Out Now, Here’s What It Does (Not Much)

Another Pokemon Go refurbish is in a routine of rolling out now, bringing with it some tiny tweaks and bug fixes. The new version, 0.77.1 for Android or 1.47.1 for iOS, is already accessible for some, and will seem for everybody else shortly.

Among a changes is a new acknowledgment summary that appears when we try to send costumed Pokemon. In addition, those creatures wearing a dress can no longer be mass-transferred.

The residue of a refurbish consists wholly of bug fixes, including one that was “causing occasional network errors while battling in Gyms” and another that was mis-registering curveball throws. You can see a full patch records (via Niantic) during a bottom of this article.

In other news about a strike mobile game, Pokemon Go’s Legendary Dogs have switched location. This time, players in a Americas will have a possibility to locate a Fire-type Entei; a Water-type Suicune has changed to Europe and Africa; and a Electric-type Raikou can be found in a Asia-Pacific region. The 3 Pokemon will sojourn in their stream plcae until Oct 31; on that date, a Legendaries will stagger to their final region, where they’ll be accessible until Nov 30.

Like Pokemon Go’s prior Legendary Pokemon, Entei, Raikou, and Suicune will seem as Raid Boss battles during Gyms. You’ll need to better a absolute Pokemon initial in sequence to get a possibility to constraint it. You can check out a beam on how to locate Legendary Pokemon for some-more tips and details.

Pokemon Go iOS Version 1.47.1 / Android Version 0.77.1 Patch Notes

  • A acknowledgment discourse now appears when attempting to send costumed Pokemon.
  • Costumed Pokemon can no longer be mass-transferred.
  • Resolved a bug causing occasional network errors while battling in Gyms.
  • Resolved a bug causing Raid Battle lobbies to arrangement a improper series of Trainers scheming for battle.
  • Resolved a bug causing a Pokemon comparison in a Raid Battle run to be reset after clicking a equipment button.
  • Resolved a bug where some Curveballs weren’t induction properly.
  • Various bug fixes and opening updates.

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