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Niantic has announced that they are finally releasing a new Pokemon Go update where we can get daily bonuses only for regulating a game. On tip of that, there’s now a built-in postponement when we better a gym leader, to forestall sniping.

Here’s how to get a new features.

To get a update, check in your Android or iOS app store for a latest refurbish to Pokemon Go. The refurbish will be chronicle 0.45.0 for Android and it will be chronicle 1.15.0 for iOS devices. The refurbish might not be immediately available yet. Niantic posted on Sunday that a app was being updated right then, that means that it could take a while for a refurbish to be accessible for everyone.

If we have your phone set to get updates automatically, we can check to see if we have a refurbish simply by personification a game. You’ll get bonuses for your initial Pokestop spin and Pokemon locate of a day, along with additional bonuses for throwing Pokemon 7 days in a quarrel or spinning Pokestops 7 days in a row.

Don’t worry if a update’s not display adult nonetheless for you, even if we see that other people already carrying a update. The refurbish will be in your app store soon. The refurbish typically starts propagating on Android right away, but it’s typically expelled in stages, definition that some areas will get a Android refurbish before others. (You can examination some-more about staged rollouts of updates on Android here.)

The refurbish was also submitted to Apple, though infrequently Apple can take adult to dual days to examination and get their updates out or longer. It should be accessible to many people within a day or two.

Some players have celebrated that a updates tend to arrive on a West Coast of a U.S. first, and a midwest gets a updates a small later, infrequently as most as 12 hours after a West Coast.

This new update will also boost a volume of status a opposition gym loses when we better a unchanging gym member, and it will reduce a volume of status we benefit by training during a accessible gym.

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