Pokemon Go refurbish hints during HUGE new crossover storyline

Pokemon Go developer Niantic has denounced a game’s code new loading shade for autumn.

As with past loading screens, a picture facilities one or dual intensity clues about what to design from Pokemon Go in a future.

One thing that isn’t adult for discuss is that Niantic clearly has large skeleton for a whole Team Rocket storyline.

The loading shade contains an contentment of Shadow Pokemon, as a tutor creates a pierce to confront Team Rocket personality Giovanni.

However, as ComicBook points out, there could be even some-more to this story than meets a eye.

The gym in a credentials is modelled after a famous Viridian City gym in a Pokemon charcterised series.

Likewise, a charcterised array is removing prepared to deliver a new impression called Go, that suggests that a vital crossover is in a works.

You can take a closer demeanour during a updated Pokemon Go loading shade below.

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