Pokemon Go: Suicune Returning For Raid Day Event This Weekend

Niantic hosted a final Pokemon Go Fest of a summer in Yokohama, Japan final week, and as it had finished for a prior dual Go Fests, a studio hold a array of tellurian hurdles during a event. As a prerogative for completing these challenges, a developer is creation a handful of bonuses accessible in a diversion this week, and it’s bringing another Legendary dog behind for a special Raid Day on Saturday.

From Aug 13-20, you’ll be means to acquire triple a normal volume of Stardust for any Pokemon we constraint or hatch. On tip of that, you’ll acquire 3,000 Stardust for participating in Raid Battles, and any Star Pieces we use during a week will final for one hour rather than 30 minutes.

As a final reward, Suicune is creation another coming in five-star Raids on Saturday, Aug 17. The Legendary Water Pokemon will be accessible from 4-7 PM internal time that day only. Not usually does this give we another eventuality to supplement one to your collection if you’ve formerly missed it in a game, you’ll also have a possibility of encountering a Shiny form during a Raid hours.

Suicune isn’t a usually Legendary creation an encore coming in Pokemon Go; Rayquaza also recently returned to Raid Battles for a singular time. The Legendary beast will be appearing in five-star Raids until Sep 2, and you’ll have your initial possibility to throwing a Shiny Rayquaza until then. You can review some-more tips on how to locate a Legendary in a Pokemon Go Rayquaza guide.

Meanwhile, Pokemon Go’s next Community Day is set for Sep 15. The featured Pokemon this time around will be Turtwig, a Grass-type starter from Diamond and Pearl. Throughout a event, Turtwig will parent in a furious most some-more mostly than it routinely does, and you’ll have your initial possibility to find a Shiny Turtwig. Additionally, you’ll acquire triple a normal volume of Stardust for any Pokemon we locate during a event.

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