Pokemon Go Solstice Event now live: Go locate Fire and Ice Pokemon

With all a idiocy surrounding E3 2017 this week, we scarcely forgot about a Solstice Event that’s now holding place in Pokemon Go. As developer Niantic announced final week (shortly after a eventuality was leaked online), a Solstice Event will boost a parent rates of Fire-type and Ice-type Pokemon from Jun 13th during 1:00 PM PT by Jun 20th during 1:00 PM PT.

According to a Pokemon Go team, Charmander, Cyndaquil, Growlithe, Houndour, Ponyta, Swinub, Vulpix, Sneasel, Magmar, Cloyster will all seem some-more mostly during a event, along with any of their evolutions. In further to a increasing parent rates, players will also accept estimable XP bonuses for capturing Pokemon and hatching eggs. Capturing a Pokemon will extend players 3x a normal volume of XP, as will Nice, Great and Excellent throws, Curveballs and captures on First Throws.

But that’s not all. Players will also accept 5x a normal volume of XP for hatching eggs during a Solstice Event. Plus, players can squeeze Lucky Eggs (which double all XP gained) for 50% off in a in-game shop. If we have a time, we can shelve adult a large volume of XP this week.

As renouned as this eventuality is certain to be for those still personification Pokemon Go, everybody else is anxiously available a initial of several vital updates designed for this summer. Niantic has already reliable that “a new refurbish focused on collaborative organisation gameplay features” will arrive shortly after a Solstice Event ends, and Legendary Pokemon are also approaching to arrive comparatively soon.

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