‘Pokémon GO’ Raid Reward Day: How To Get Yourself A Shiny …


Community Day might be tomorrow, though Pokémon GO has a opposite arrange of special eventuality going on today. That would be a clear prerogative for a Dortmund Safari Zone, one that is spawning 3 hours of pristine Articuno raids, with a possibility for a mythological bird to be shiny.

Unlike Community Day, Articuno held currently don’t know any special move, though a fact that we can get yourself a glossy chronicle is adequate for players to go nuts raiding everywhere.

As we’ve schooled from other regions that are already live, Niantic has left a whole 9 yards and done each singular gym parent an Articuno raid that lasts 3 hours.

To maximize your chances of removing a glossy version, you’re going to wish to devise to transport to a city or park with a lot of landmarks and gyms if we can. If this is doable for you, I’d suggest it, given you’re never going to see another 3 hour window like this, and distinct Community Day, removing some-more shots during glossy Articuno, given of how legendaries rotate, is going to be flattering tough in a future. we would make a day of it and when 11 AM PT rolls around, I’d make certain you’re somewhere with a limit volume of gyms.

Unlike some of a other shinies, glossy Articuno doesn’t demeanour all that opposite on initial glance. He’s radically usually a lighter shade of blue, that we can see above, so there’s no crazy tone change like a red or yellow version. Instead you’re going to have to demeanour for a sparkles around him.

The good news is that once we find him, he has a 100% locate rate. Niantic knows how frustrating it would be to finally land a raid shiny, usually to have it flee, so they’ve done it a guaranteed locate when we do come opposite one.

Pokemon GONiantic

So again, a problem is sighting rate, not locate rate. From a sound of it, it seems like glossy Articuno has a identical parent rate to what we see during Community Day. we would contend that on average, glossy Articuno has a 5% parent rate, or 1 out of 20 raids will get we one. Of march there’s a operation there, and it could be 3-7% depending on your luck, 1 in 10 or 1 in 30 or so. Or we could usually have terrible fitness and do 50+ raids and not see one. That’s usually kind of how it goes.

But this is since I’m revelation we to go somewhere with a limit volume of probable gyms for raids. This isn’t Community Day where we can usually cocktail scent and lures and lay there tillage Dratini and Larvitar spawns, there are usually going to be a singular array of these in your area, so we wish to make certain your find as many of them as we presumably can in 3 hours.

Once we find him? We have a whole apart guide for how to kick and locate Articuno, formed on new Pokémon that are accessible given we final wrote such a guide. Hint: Tyranitar is always a good choice.

I consider this is going to be frustrating for those who don’t conduct to land a glossy currently given it’s such a singular time offering, so try to make a many of these 3 hours. At slightest Niantic has given us endless, extensive raid spawns, though you’re going to have to jam in as many as we can for a best shot during glossy Articuno. Good luck!

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