Pokémon Go now has an central ring accessory

Nailed it.

Published 14/07/2017

Want to adult your diversion in Pokmon Go? How about this central appendage designed to be ragged on your finger?

Look familiar? It’s a Pokmon Go Plus bracelet tool from final year though now with a ring trustworthy instead of a bracelet. It saves we regulating dual hands, we suppose.

The doohicky lets we constraint creatures and obstacle equipment from Pokstops with only a elementary press of a button. (But there’s no refurbish nonetheless to let we obstacle equipment from gyms, a underline combined in a final large diversion patch.)

The Pokmon Go Plus Ring Accessory launches tomorrow in Japan for a low cost of 400 yen (less than 3). There’s no word of an general recover yet.

Next up, Pokmon Go Plus earrings, please.

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