Pokemon Go news: New Year’s Event, Christmas countdown, Gen 3 refurbish and Star Pieces

Fans are anticipating that a new Pokemon Go eventuality could be in a works from Niantic.

Some kind of New Year’s eventuality could be in a offering, following a launch of a new Pokemon box equipment that are now accessible in a in-game store.

While fans already have had entrance to a Pokemon Christmas boxes, a new set went live on Dec 25.

From Dec 25 during 9:00 p.m. GMT by Jan 4, 2018, a in-game emporium will embody special boxes featuring Premium Raid Passes, Luck Eggs, Super Incubators, and Star Pieces.

Trainers can squeeze Winter Boxes for 480 coins, Great Boxes for 780 coins and Ultra Boxes for 1480 coins.

Star Pieces are quite useful, since they extend users double stardust from all situations for 30 minutes.

Before that, Trainers were means to squeeze boxes containing Super Incubators, Lure Modules, and a all-new Star Pieces, while dataminers creatively found 6 “Special Boxes.”

Niantic have usually reliable a stream ongoing Christmas event, definition there’s room for conjecture that there could be new Pokemon Go Gen 3 launches being planned.

It should be noted, however, that there competence not be any new bonuses, with these new boxes usually fluctuating a in-game emporium eventuality for a small longer.

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