Pokemon Go news: New Japan event, Shiny Wingull and Squirtle Community Day reward

The Pokemon Go Safari Zone eventuality in Yokosuka, Japan, has been announced this week by Niantic.

This is a latest Pokemon Go eventuality announced by a company, who are also hosting Pokemon Go Fest in Chicago after this month.

This new eventuality kicks off Wednesday, Aug 29, and lasts until Sunday, Sep 2 (JST) in Yokosuka City in Kanagawa Prefecture.

As reliable by Niantic this week, Pokemon Go Trainers in assemblage will not be means to perform special raid battles, though will have entrance to some tip Pocket Monsters.

Trainers will be means to find Pokémon not routinely seen in Japan, such as a Grass and Flying-type Pokemon Tropius, Unown, and more.

Here’s some-more from Niantic, who confirm: “The Pokémon GO Safari Zone in Yokosuka is a giveaway event, though those who wish to attend will need to request by Yokosuka City’s special website.

“Applications open Friday, Jul 6, during 10:00 a.m. JST and tighten Friday, Jul 20, during 10:00 a.m. JST, so don’t check if you’re meddlesome in attending!

“If applications surpass a ability of a event, a sketch will be hold by Yokosuka City to name a attendees. If selected, Trainers will accept a sheet containing a 2D barcode. Note that Trainers but a sheet will not confront Pokémon during a eventuality locations.

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