Pokemon Go news: New Gen 3 secrets suggested in latest update

But what wasn’t listed were a new additions to a diversion files connected to Gen 3 Pokemon.

Reports from heading dataminers have reliable that scarcely all is in place to launch a large Pokemon Go Gen 3 refurbish in a nearby future.

The Pokemon Go files now embody all a forms indispensable for Gen 3, a large some-more brazen for those anticipating for some kind of launch around a arriving Halloween event.

The usually thing blank appears to be sound files for a Gen 3, that will be indispensable to replicate their in-game cries.

This means that gamers can demeanour brazen to Gen 3 Pokemon being expelled really soon.

There’s always a possibility that Niantic will reason behind on this launch until they feel it necessary though.

Pokemon Go trainers are still contrast out a new EX-Raids with Mewtwo, nonetheless that is some-more of an chosen endgame activity.

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