‘Pokémon Go’: New Pokémon and PokéStops Rumored for Gen 4

Pokémon players are used to pointless encounters in a game, though a pointless confront in genuine life has some trainers vehement for a destiny of Pokémon GO.

On Saturday, Twitter user @PokemonDoctorYT found himself sitting subsequent to Niantic CEO John Hanke on a flight. The conduct of a Pokémon GO growth studio allegedly supposing discernment of what’s entrance to a diversion that was relayed by another Twitter user, @ReversalYouTube. Some of a changes rumored to occur to a diversion embody a further of Generation 4 Pokémon, a turn top increase, and PokéStops submissions.

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Generation 4 Pokémon done their entrance in Pokémon Diamond and Pokémon Pearl expelled on a Nintendo DS. This sold era is important for including Legendary Pokémon such as Dialga, Palkia, and a Pokémon god, Arceus, deliberate to be a creator of a universe.

Submissions for PokéStops have been a long-desired underline for Pokémon GO players. PokéStops are locations such as stores, buildings, and other points of seductiveness that players can go to get giveaway equipment and finish Field Research tasks. Depending on where a chairman lives, these places can be opposite a travel or miles divided so a choice to contention new locations has been suggested given day one. The Silph Road reported Wednesday that a metadata from a latest Pokémon GO refurbish enclosed a further of uploading photos, that signaled a probability of a acquiescence underline entrance to a game.

Other changes rumored to be in a works are updates to a maps for easier raiding, operative to quarrel cheaters that feign their GPS locations called “spoofing,” and a arriving second year anniversary, GO Fest 2. These features, however, are still rumors as Niantic has nonetheless to endorse them.

This past Earth Day was a large day for Pokémon GO trainers. They came out in droves for Niantic’s Earth Day Cleanup events opposite a creation and were handsomely rewarded by a developer with additional Stardust for throwing certain Pokémon.

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