‘Pokémon GO’ Needs One Feature More Than Ever Now That Raids Have Arrived


Pokemon GO

Raids have breathed some fresh life into Pokémon GO this summer, and we are building toward a unavoidable recover of Tier 5 legendaries shortly enough, that we envision will flog off in about 3 weeks’ time to coincide with Pokémon GO Fest in Chicago.

But before that happens, we consider it would be good if Pokémon GO got a underline that I’ve been requesting for a prolonged time now, though has new aptitude interjection to a further of raids into a game.

I’m articulate about pre-made Poke-team loadouts.

Previously, a ask was quite about gym battling, as it would be good to have a pre-made organisation full of say, ice-types if we were about to block off opposite a Level 10 gym installed with 5 Dragonites. But now with a attainment of raids, that have we perplexing to kill (err sorry, “tame”) one hulk Pokémon of one specific type, a thought of loadouts is some-more applicable than ever.

Right now, a diversion has a arrange of “auto-fill” complement that uses a best theory as to who we wish on your team, loosely formed on energy turn and form matching. But it misses frequently. Like confronting off opposite this Charizard raid boss, it competence be good to have my Blastoise and Starmie, sure, though a diversion totally missed my some-more powerful Vaporeon for some reason. Or when we was about to take on a 22K CP Rhydon, for some reason it put in dual 800 CP Chanseys instead of about 50 other improved picks. The algorithm is rarely injured and always requires reshuffling.


Pokemon GO

While we do have a notation and a half to get your organisation prepared before a raid, it’s still a flattering unwieldy process, and can be simply reset if we try to use equipment or your diversion crashes (which cave does during slightest once per pre-raid). It would be far, distant easier to have a ability to make adult pre-made teams that are save-able and prepared to go during a moment’s notice. Now that you’re usually going adult opposite a one or dual form enemy, this is even some-more useful, as we can make your anti-fire team, your anti-psychic team, your anti-grass team, and so on.

I’ve also pronounced in a past that this could be another microtransaction event for Niantic. Maybe give players 3 organisation slots to start with, and afterwards concede them a event to buy adult to 3 some-more for coins for a super-advanced players who wish a specialized organisation for each situation. At a very least, Pokémon GO should relate a strange games and concede we to have one core organisation of 6 that shows adult each time before a gym conflict or raid, your 6 many powerful/favorite Pokémon that are always a good bottom to start with, though can be rotated in or out if need be.

In my experience, a reduction time a diversion has we fiddling with builds or line-ups, a better. Just yesterday, we pronounced that Destiny 2 needed a “loadout” system that is a same judgment as this. It’s from my knowledge in Diablo 3 where we can use a habit to present change between rigging sets. It’s a same for Pokémon GO, notwithstanding being a dramatically opposite game. Here, your Pokémon are your armor and weapons, and a diversion would advantage severely if we were means to switch between pre-made teams on a fly.

Will GO ever get this feature? Stranger things have happened. I’ve found that if we protest aloud and mostly about adequate things and articles like this get common around, Niantic tends to listen. They’re always operative to urge a game, and now that raids are here, pre-made teams would be a big, large improvement.

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