Pokemon Go Kyogre Raids launch is good, new Niantic refurbish news is even better

Fans will shortly have another reason to conduct out and locate new Pokemon, following Niantic’s latest announcement.

And while it won’t be a new call of Generation 3 Pocket Monsters to catch, it’s firm to infer renouned with fans.

It’s now been reliable that a Pokemon Go Kyogre Raids launch will be followed by another special Pokemon update.

Revealed by Niantic this week, Trainers will shortly get a possibility to try their skills during new mini events being held.

Dubbing them “Community Days,” fans will get a possibility to locate Special Pokemon and use bonuses to assistance turn up, or urge their existent team.

Much like we see with existent weekly events, a new Community Days will supplement a bit of fad to Pokemon Go.

And with them being designed for each month in 2018, it appears there’ll be copiousness some-more to demeanour brazen to this year.

“Once a month, we’ll horde a Pokémon GO Community Day eventuality starring a special Pokémon, that will seem frequently around a universe for only a few hours,” a summary from Niantic explains. 

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