Pokemon Go Keeps Cancelling EX Raids And No One Knows Why

Pokemon Go‘s argumentative EX Raid underline is stirring adult some-more trouble, this time due to a call of astonishing cancellations.

Players around a universe were vivacious final week to accept a initial EX Raid Passes for a Mythical Pokemon Deoxys. Deoxys is a new Pokemon to Pokemon Go and a usually approach to conflict and constraint this absolute Pokemon is to accept an invitation to attend in a raid.

However, many players suddenly had their internal EX Raids cancelled on them, ensuing in an in-game presentation and copiousness of disappointment.What’s startling is that EX Raids were clearly cancelled en masse, and that Niantic didn’t have a good reason as to because a cancellations occurred.

Niantic eventually responded with a Tweet about a cancellations:

While EX Raids have been cancelled before, we haven’t seen a mass termination call ever. And while during initial this seemed to be a one time thing, players were stating issues with EX Raids as recently as yesterday, some only hours before a EX Raid was to take place.


Although no one knows a accurate means of a termination glitch, Pokemon Go did make a important change that authorised gyms with an arriving EX Raid to “remain open” for normal Raids. Previously, gyms wouldn’t horde any form of raid once an EX Raid Invite was sent out.

Hopefully, this problem gets resolved fast and those influenced by a cancellations have a possibility to conflict Deoxys soon. The subsequent call of EX Raid invites are approaching to go out after this week.

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