Pokemon Go Just Gave Players More Chances to Catch Raid Bosses

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How a Glitch Was Fixed

damage bonus

Over a final week or so, Pokemon Go players have beheld that they were still removing their Damage bonus, even if their initial set of Pokemon fainted during a battle. It seems that Pokemon Go is now giving out Damage bonuses formed on a sum volume of repairs a actor deals out during Raids…regardless of either they need to lift out their behind adult Raid team.

Since Pokemon Go never advertised that they changed how a Damage reward is calculated, a lot of players aren’t assured that a repairs reward is fixed. However, several players have posted “control” videos to infer that something is opposite about raids now. 

For instance, in this video, we can see dual players group adult to quarrel a Machamp. The actor recording a video lets his Pokemon gloomy while a other actor keeps his Pokemon alive. When a initial actor comes behind with a second team, they finish a Machamp and he still receives a full Damage bonus. In this scenario, a Damage Bonus would formerly reset and a actor who mislaid his initial set of Pokemon wouldn’t have perceived any Damage Bonus during all. 



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