‘Pokémon GO’ Is Teasing Gen 4 Release Ahead Of Pokemon GO Fest’s Research Challenge

It’s Pokémon GO Fest in Chicago this weekend, a possibility for developer Niantic Labs to redeem itself after a flattering bad display during a game’s initial real-world festival final year. It’s partial of a Pokémon GO Summer Tour, a collection of 3 events in a US, Germany and Japan, all of that come with tellurian hurdles that trainers can finish for rewards. At a finish of it all there’s a poser esteem if players conduct to finish each plea on offer–a expected contingency, given how well-spoken a initial one went–and we competence now know a bit about what it competence be. The central Pokémon GO Twitter usually posted a following image, and longtime fans competence notice some quite engaging scamps among a incomparable collection of loveable scamps:

Pokemon GO’s Gen 4 tease.Credit: Niantic Labs

Most of a Pokémon in this picture area already in this game, though demeanour closely and you’ll notice 3 extras: Chimchar, Turtwig and Piplup, a 3 Gen 4 starters from Pokémon Diamond and Pokémon Pearl. Take a closer look:

Pokemon GO’s Gen 4 teaseCredit: Niantic Labs

The timing of this doesn’t feel like a coincidence: these 3 creatures are substantially going to uncover adult in-game possibly as partial of a ultra prerogative during a finish of summer tour, or progressing tied to Pokemon GO Fest. This is a same thing we’ve seen with other generations, or during slightest a identical thing: Niantic likes to recover a few basic monsters before removing underway with a rest. Last year, it started Gen 3 out with Ghost-types for Halloween, and a year before that it started Gen 2 out with baby Pokémon in a uncanny egg event.

As it stands, Gen 1 is a usually indeed finish era now in Pokémon GO, and that usually happened recently with a further of Mew by special investigate challenges. Gen 2 is still blank Smeargle and Celebi, and Gen 3 has all sorts of holes in it. That hasn’t stopped Niantic before, however, even if this does feel a small bit early to be removing a round rolling on Gen 4. If we do see these creatures soon, I’d design usually a 3 of them and their evolutions, and I’d design to usually see them for a singular time. We’ll know some-more soon.

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