‘Pokémon GO’ Is Still Beating Its Head Against A Wall With EX Mewtwo Raids


Pokemon GO

Another week, another widen of time where Niantic inexplicably continues to press brazen with Pokémon GO’s disdainful “EX” raid system, now in a third month of beta testing, where it’s a usually approach for players to acquire Mewtwo in a game.

I’m not certain how many times we have to write a same article, though each new week that goes by, this becomes some-more and some-more clear: EX raids are a bad idea. They do 0 though perplex players, sequence a village and they supplement 0 of value. They emanate exclusivity in a diversion that is ostensible to be open to everyone, and maybe a (very poor) income stream, convincing players to buy raid passes for a possibility during removing an invite.

Almost 0 has altered given we final overwhelmed on this issue. There are still 0 petrify stairs that Niantic spells out in a diversion as to how to secure yourself a raid pass. You competence get one for raiding once during a week during a specific gym, or we competence get 0 after doing forty raids a week.

Things usually seem to be removing worse. Reddit is full of threads detailing one EX raid disaster after another, citing a disaster of adequate people to uncover adult to indeed finish a thing, presumably with not adequate invites carrying left out, or people being taken during a hyper-specific times and dates of a raids. This is what we warned about when this was initial announced. It’s tough adequate to get a organisation together to kick raids normally, adding another covering of exclusivity on to a routine is going to usually amplify that problem further, and that’s accurately what they’re saying here.


Pokemon GO

I still have nonetheless to see Niantic of anyone make a box as to what EX raids are indeed accomplishing. They are literally only raids that are harder to access. That’s it. And if Niantic noticed this as some kind of money-making venture, they’re doing it wrong, as a whales who buy 5-50 passes a week should be auto-guaranteed a shot, in theory. Instead, they’re blazing out and removing undone and tempted to chuck in a towel on a diversion altogether. And who can censure them?

The solutions to this are again, so easy. Either:

  1. Lay out extremely specific criteria about how we can secure yourself an EX raid pass, either that’s raiding during a sponsored stop or 5 times a week or whatever. Just give players a thought to fire for that is discernible to hit.
  2. Better yet, get absolved of EX raids altogether since a thought is terrible. Replace them with turn 6 raids that seem infrequently, though with many some-more allege notice, permitting anyone in a area to extract in a given window. Make them difficult, as fighting and throwing Mewtwo should be, though open them adult to everybody and don’t make people lay around watchful for a raid pass that will substantially never come, and presumably not form a organisation large adequate to even take on a challenge.

The fact that we’re still in this position when EX raids have been “tested” for dual and a half months now is absurd. It has totally killed any probable hype for Mewtwo, that should have been a many critical mythological recover of them all, and now it’s about to start draining into a recover of Gen 3 as well.

I don’t know what Niantic is looking for in sequence for them to finally acknowledge that EX raids are bad and offer no purpose. we don’t know anyone who has participated in an EX raid that says they adore a exclusivity or a randomized pass system. They might suffer carrying a Mewtwo if they were propitious adequate to locate one, though they would substantially feel a same approach if they’d gotten it in a customary turn 6 raid but all a EX baggage.

Just finish this experiment. It failed. Release Mewtwo scrupulously and pierce on. This is not scarcely as difficult as a three-month exam is creation it out to be.

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