‘Pokémon Go’ is good again, interjection to the unconditional new update

Pokemon GO_Raid
Pokémon Go’s new Raid battles are a large step in the
right direction, vouchsafing adult to 20 players group adult to fight
massive, powered-up monsters.


Last week,
“Pokémon Go” got a outrageous new update
, bringing unconditional and
long-awaited changes to a game’s multiplayer battles.

These changes are usually in time: As “Pokémon Go” approaches its
one-year anniversary, a early mega-hype over a diversion has all
though faded. Make no mistake, there are still
65 million active players
, including myself, though a diversion has
left seared for many — even a
unequivocally initial “Pokémon Go” master
quit a game
for miss of new worlds to conquer.

Fortunately for all, these new updates are accurately what the
alloy ordered. While we never stopped personification casually, the
refurbish has me out in a streets again in my query to locate ’em

After a year of same-old same-old multiplayer, a new update
truly creates “Pokémon Go” good again — and sets a theatre for
even some-more sparkling things to come.

The aged way

The basis of “Pokémon Go” haven’t changed. Players try the
genuine universe in hunt of Pokémon, that can seem anywhere. Along
a way, players will find Pokéstops, that allot helpful
equipment when we travel nearby their locations, and gyms, that are
rhythmical from conflict by other players’ many absolute Pokémon in a
movement on king-of-the-hill. 

The problem with a strange setup is that it got old, quickly.
Players fast figured out that usually a few Pokémon — most
ordinarily Dragonite, a singular dragon-type — indeed had a stats
required to ensure a gym from rivalry for any length of time.

The new “motivation” stat
means that monsters get weaker a longer they stay stationed at
a gym.


And so, players raced to bloat their collections with
mega-powerful specimens of those few Pokémon, with many opting to
lie to get a biggest, baddest monsters. 

The net result: Players were forced to grub opposite a same
handful of souped-up Pokémon, over and over again, usually to make a
hole in a gym. And even if they were somehow victorious, those
same hardcore players would replace we flattering many instantly. It
fast became apparent that it wasn’t value it, so many players
didn’t bother.

The new hotness

Niantic, a developer of “Pokémon Go,” took a time rolling out
these updates, though it’s apparent that they were

With this update, Pokémon placed during gyms remove “motivation,” and
so fight power, a longer they’re placed during a gym. If
proclivity hits zero, a Pokémon is automatically kicked out.
Motivation can be easy by feeding berries to any Pokémon at
a gym in unchanging intervals. 

Fighting a large monster
in a Raid battle.


This orderly solves one large problem — if a lineup during a gym is
too intimidating for a player, simply wait, and it’ll be easier.
Plus, any Pokémon over 3000 CP, or “combat power,” lose
proclivity super quickly, definition they’re some-more expected to vanish,
exclusive orderly rivalry movement in gripping them well-fed. Oh, and
we can usually have one of any form of Pokémon during a gym during any one
time, that serve increases a accumulation in fortifying lineups.

The topping on a cake: Niantic is enormous down on cheaters,
creation a some-more accordant bid to keep them from ruining
everybody else’s fun.

That’s a unequivocally good start. But wait, there’s more.

It’s a raid

What’s unequivocally cold are a new further of “Raid battles.” From
morning until around sunset, certain gyms will play horde to a
massive, mega-powerful Pokémon. You and adult to 19 other players
can group adult to take it down. A successful Raid will net you
otherwise-unobtainable equipment and a possibility to locate a chronicle of
a Pokémon we usually took down. 

Better still is that certain Pokémon, differently unloved in the
game, are indeed found to be extraordinary during Raids. It’s just
another approach that Niantic is meditative by how to increase
accumulation in a game.

niantic john hanke
Niantic CEO John


Down a line, this Raid complement feels like a judicious approach to

discharge “legendary” Pokémon
, a rarest of a singular —
forcing 20 players to work together usually to locate a Mewtwo or
Articuno sounds like my thought of a good time. 

“Pokémon Go” has always been during a best when it encourages
real-world intercourse between players, and this is a positive
step in that direction.

The result

All of these neat small tweaks supplement adult to a reason to play more
“Pokémon Go.” Now, we have a shot during fortifying a gym, either or
not we have a many absolute of a absolute Pokémon, that I
don’t. And by teaming adult with other players, we can take down
absolute bosses, that also gives me a improved possibility to locate ’em

There are lots of little, paltry things that we wish they would
fix. The new system, for instance, is still a calamity outside
of civic areas like San Francisco, where we live. Too few gyms
means that it’s still trivially easy for a handful of players to
take one over with their many absolute monsters. 

pokemon go
Pokémon Go is best when it
draws we out of a house.


But some-more than ever, it feels like a initial step into something
bigger, as Niantic takes a template that we’ve had for a year
and unequivocally builds on it. Those legendaries are an apparent place
to start; there’s room for so many more. 

Ultimately, all we know is my partner and we have ran out of the
residence during slightest once to finish a Raid. That’s something that we
haven’t finished with “Pokémon Go” given it initial came out. If
Niantic’s idea is to energise a fires underneath a most
dedicated players, and tilt new ones in, this is a very
enlivening sign.

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