‘Pokémon GO’ Is Considering Move Set Rerolls After Community Feedback


Pokemon GO

We are one day into Pokémon GO’s big Adventure Week event where profitable stone forms everywhere and your friend Pokémon is definitely gobbling adult candy with dramatically reduced stretch in play. But something slipped underneath a radar a few days ago before this eventuality started that we didn’t wish to omit completely.

Responding to a arrange of waggish doubt on Twitter, Niantic seemed to endorse that a much-requested underline might be operative a approach into Pokémon GO in a not-to-distant future. That would be a ability to re-roll a pierce set of your Pokémon in some form or another.

The strange doubt review “please can we change a pierce to Earthquake instead of Heavy Slam? Getting bad movesets demotivates me. Username: Daehyuuung,” from a reader with a Donphan he wasn’t gratified with. Obviously Niantic isn’t going to change some pointless guy’s pierce set, notwithstanding his best efforts, though this was their response:

“Thanks for reaching out. This is not now available, unfortunately, though we are wakeful of a community’s seductiveness in this feature.”

Doesn’t sound like anything to chuck a celebration about, though it is in fact a initial time Niantic has acknowledge a intensity for re-rolls and a fact that it’s one of a many requested village facilities in a game.

There are many ways that this could work a approach into a game. Such as:

– I’ve previously suggested TMs as something that could be brought in from a handheld games, and repair this problem to a certain extent. They could be ultra-rare drops from PokeStops/streaks like we see with Evolution equipment now, and usually used in really specific occasions. we also suspicion they could potentially be a microtransaction, so prolonged as there was a extent in place for shopping say, one randomized TM a week.


Pokemon GO

– A repair going brazen for Pokémon is that they could learn moves over time like we see in a handhelds. Once they’re upgraded X times with candy, maybe we get a choice of moves. This would need improved balancing of moves so everybody wouldn’t auto-pick a best one, however. Also there are usually dual moves sum and all moves usually do repairs with no other vital effects, so it’s a bit some-more simplified than a handheld version. Not certain this would work, though maybe.

– The easiest repair we can see for this is literally usually re-rolling. Like we compensate X candy, 25 or 50 or 100 or whatever feels suitable and we get dual new pointless moves formed on that Pokémon’s pool. we guess this could be okay, though for Pokémon where we usually saved adult 125 candies to develop them, you’re substantially not going to be too fervent to dump that many some-more in usually for new moves. Though we suspect it’s being stranded with say, a Charizard with no glow moves, that is what we stream own. This would be a easiest repair , though we consider TMs would be some-more fun and vital and a improved further to a game. But we suspect any of these would be improved than nothing, that is what a diversion has in place right now.

We know that a large gym renovate is entrance to Pokémon GO this summer, presumably really soon. This would be arrange of a good underline to entrance with that, given that a usually time Pokémon even use moves is during gym battles, so it would be in gripping with a theme. But my theory is that for right now it’s usually an object on a whiteboard somewhere that says “things players want.” But copiousness of facilities have done their approach off that house eventually, so we positively trust that pierce re-rolls, or something like it, is entrance to a diversion earlier rather than later. More to come.

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