Pokémon Go Halloween eventuality exhibit has players certain new monsters are on a way

The Pokémon Company announced that Pokémon Go will once again applaud Halloween with an in-game event. While we wait serve sum about a promotion, however, it’s a many tinier provoke that fans are many vehement about: a probable attainment of some-more Pokémon, that sounds like it could be this Halloween’s biggest treat.

We initial got word of a Halloween eventuality by a tiny line about a Pokémon franchise’s overarching skeleton for a holiday on a website.

“The Halloween deteriorate is a special time in Pokémon Go,the page reads. “Plenty of good things is entrance to a diversion after this October, and we can’t wait to get out and about to see what arrange of fad we can shock adult while throwing new Pokémon to fill out a Pokédex.”

Players’ evident review of this line is that those “new Pokémon” are new to a diversion itself — as in Pokémon from a third era of monsters. As Niantic has solemnly continued to release some-more Pokémon from a series’ second-generation lineup via a year, some members of a fanbase feel certain that it’s time for a recover of era three.

But gen 3 believers might be jumping a gun a bit. Other translations of a announcement, like a one on the Spanish-language Pokémon site, leave out a note about “new Pokémon.” Instead, it only focuses on a coming of some-more ghost-type Pokémon, only like last year’s event.

Besides, it’s easy to review a English chronicle of a proclamation as simply referring to Pokémon that trainers have nonetheless to catch, creation these monsters new to their personal Pokédexes. This is a kind of speculating that comes naturally to doctrinaire Pokémon Go fans, so we’ve reached out to Niantic for clarification. Until then, we design players to continue subterfuge over what this early proclamation unequivocally portends for a game.

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