Pokemon Go removing STUNNING new Apple iOS update, though it’s bad news for Android

is removing a overwhelming new visible refurbish after this year, though usually on Apple iOS devices.

Pokemon Go will be one of a initial apps to welcome Apple’s new AR protracted existence technology.

Apple suggested a new ARKit AR record during yesterday’s WWDC keynote in a US.

The record will use faster and some-more fast suit tracking to urge AR apps on iPhone and iPad. Users can also design softened lighting and scaling effects.

Once a ARKit refurbish goes live, Pokemon will be some-more grounded and expel picturesque shadows.

“Apple is introducing a new height for developers to assistance them move high-quality AR practice to iPhone and iPad regulating a built-in camera, absolute processors and suit sensors in iOS devices,” reads an Apple statement.

Is softened AR partial of a Pokemon Go wishlist? Check out a gallery next to find out…

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