‘Pokémon GO’ Gen 4 Will Be Here Sooner Than You Think


Unlike a handheld games, Pokémon GO doesn’t have to wait years in between new generations. Pokémon Red and Blue came out in 1996, and 22 years later, there have been 7 generations. Pokémon GO came out in Jul 2016, and not even dual years after we’re almost finished releasing Gen 3. That’s utterly a pace.

The differences are obvious. Pokémon GO doesn’t have to emanate an wholly new diversion any time it releases a new generation, rather, it only has to put a new Pokémon in a existent horizon of GO, and alterations to gameplay, raids, weather, etc. take place outward of a generational recover timetable.

As such, even yet we are still jacket adult Generation 3, a Ruby/Sapphire era, it’s not too early to start meditative about Generation 4, a Diamond/Pearl era, that will be here before we know it. Here’s a calendar of generational releases so distant in GO:

July 2016: Gen 1 released

December 2016: Small Gen 2 organisation expelled (babies)

February 2017:  Vast infancy of Gen 2 released

October 2017: Small Gen 3 organisation expelled (ghosts)

December 2017: First vast cube of Gen 3 released

January 2017-Present: Ongoing Gen 3 release

Pokemon GO

So what does this mean?

It’s about 6-7 months between a gen launch and during slightest a initial few Pokémon of a new gen being released. It’s about 7-9 months for a new epoch to start being expelled en masse.

Gen 3 has been a bit different, however. Niantic has altered adult their recover report to make it most some-more staggered, fluctuating a recover for a longer duration of time. Technically, Gen 3’s recover has been going on given October, about 4 months ago.

It’s transparent that Niantic is doing this to keep players intent over a longer time frame. Yes, they could only dump in about 150 new Pokémon all during once, though clearly a improved pierce is substantially to widespread them out over 3-4 months, interspersing their recover with other activities. And what that also means is by a time this epoch is finally finished removing all a Pokémon out there, that Gen 4 competence be roughly here.

Using this calendar, it seems expected that Gen 4 will start during slightest teasing a Pokémon by May/June, with a full recover June/July. we consider a timing has been a bit off for generational recover so far, as obviously, it’s not ideal to recover a garland of new Pokémon in your “get outward and play” AR diversion in a passed of winter in a northern hemisphere, that has now happened with both Gen 2 and 3. But Gen 4, since of this 6-9 month schedule, competence finally see a recover in a summer when a continue is warm. If not June/July afterwards really by August/September before a continue turns. Living in Chicago, by distant a biggest separator to personification Pokémon GO is a weather, where it’s painfully un-fun a plain 6-7 months of a year, though a summer recover of a new epoch would be fantastic, and suggestive of a strange launch when everybody was happy to be outward playing.


Gen 4 will be smaller than Gen 3. It’s a supplement of sorts of Gen 3 a approach Gen 2 was to Gen 1. There are only over 100 new Pokémon to be added, and it’s when we start removing into truly loopy Pokémon science with a “creation trio” of Legendaries, Diagla, Palkia and Girantina that are flattering most Pokémon Gods for all intents and purposes. It’s a fun generation, despite one a bit smaller than what we’ve only seen.

As I’ve pronounced before, Pokémon GO is staid to substantially recover all 7 stream generations of Pokémon within a initial 3-4 years on a market, that is a distant cry from a 22 years of a handhelds. But by then, there competence also be a Generation 8, expelled on a Switch, and wouldn’t that be something if GO and The Pokémon Company managed to coordinate a coexisting release?

Lots to be vehement about, and zero some-more so than a intensity summer Gen 4 release. Stay tuned.

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