‘Pokemon Go’ for Apple Watch should have been cancelled, since it sucks

Niantic initial showed off Pokemon Go for Apple Watch behind in Sep during Apple’s iPhone 7 entrance event. The diversion is a healthy fit for a wearable since both Pokemon Go and a Apple Watch have large aptness components and inspire we to get out of your residence and do something other than any nachos. Earlier this month, rumors began present that Niantic had indeed cancelled growth of a watch chronicle of Pokemon Go, that a association after denied. Then, final week, the app finally done a most hyped debut on a watch, and all we can contend is that we wish it had been cancelled after all.

Let’s speak about all a things we can do with a Pokemon Go app for Apple Watch:

  • Get credit for exercising, that goes towards hatching eggs or removing candy for your friend Pokemon.
  • Spin Pokestops.
  • Get (inconsistent) notifications when Pokemon appear.

Here’s what we can’t do with a watch app:

  • Add eggs to incubators.
  • View your collection of Pokemon.
  • Transfer, evolve, or conduct your Pokemon in any way.
  • View your awards.
  • View Pokemon stats, moves, or any other details.
  • Battle during Gyms.
  • View, manage, or buy items.
  • See where any circuitously Pokemon actually are.
  • Catch Pokemon.

The app is roughly wholly invalid for anyone who indeed enjoys throwing Pokemon. You get an warning (sometimes) if a Pokemon is nearby, though afterwards we have to take your phone out to locate a thing anyway. That’s an positively inexcusable shortcoming, generally when we cruise that a Pokemon Go Plus — that doesn’t even have a screen! — allows we to locate circuitously Pokemon though carrying to take out your phone.

Perhaps a misfortune partial about a app is that even when all your settings are ideally in order, your chances of indeed removing a presentation of a Pokestop or circuitously quadruped are about as good as flipping a coin. I’ve trafficked large times by a circuitously park where we mostly spin a Pokestops and my app has been totally silent, and I’m not a usually one who seems to be carrying this issue. A discerning Reddit hunt will furnish many other Apple Watch users who are experiencing a accurate same thing.

Okay, so, a Apple Watch app sucks, though because did Niantic recover it this way? Maybe Niantic wants to pull sales of a aforementioned Pokemon Go Plus band, or maybe a company has skeleton for an wholly new wearable of a own. Niantic’s initial game, Ingress, is getting a dedicated five-button intelligent band that will transcribe many of a facilities of a full game. Should a association see identical direct for a Pokemon Go version, it’s wholly probable that it intentionally minimized a facilities of a Apple Watch app in sequence to give a possess wearable a reason to exist.

In short, if you’re a Pokemon Go left-wing though an Apple Watch who feels like they’re blank out, we unequivocally don’t have to. You’d be improved off dropping a $35 on a Pokemon Go Plus instead.

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